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Rates & Policies

Thanks for visiting my site. All content copyright Michael Kackman, 2003 – 2014. All rights reserved.

What that means:

Please do not attempt to circumvent the copy protection, watermark, or copyright data in these photographs.

Please do feel free to link to galleries or individual images – my site integrates very nicely with Facebook and other social media sites. Just copy the URL for the gallery or hover over an individual image for a link directly to it. The image quality will be excellent, and it’s easy for viewers to scroll through an entire gallery quickly and easily. On the other hand, if you try to use frame grabs of images, they will look terrible (like a cassette dub of a song recorded off the radio), and you’ll feel bad doing it.

Instead, if you want to use an image off of my site, please contact me.

Rates & Usage

If you’d like to use some of my existing images on your website, in a press kit, or for other promotional use, contact me to discuss a price. I recognize that most musicians, in particular, are operating on thin publicity budgets. If Jon Bon Jovi can sell meatloaf to anyone willing to honestly pay whatever they can afford, we can certainly work out a rate for a few photographs. Email me, tell me what you’d like to use the photographs for, and we’ll work it out.

For portrait sessions or to shoot an event, please contact me to discuss.

The right to resell images is generally not included in a standard portrait package. This means that if you want to use an image for an album cover, to sell as prints, etc., we need to discuss it.